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Make Aethereus Events your premier destination for vintage furniture rentals that add a touch of nostalgia and timeless elegance to your events - the allure of vintage aesthetics never gets tired!

Dining & Speciality Chairs

"Our collection is entirely made up from 19th and early 20th Century items so expect the odd blemish, tear or wobble but rest assured you and your guests are sitting on genuine pieces of history!"

With our carefully curated collection of vintage furniture now available for hire, we will help you create an atmosphere that exudes charm, character, and sophistication.

We don't do uniformity at Aethereus Events - browse our selection of quirky, mismatched vintage dining & speciality chairs and choose the ones most suited to your event.

Contact us today to explore our vintage furniture options and together we will create a timeless experience.

All items are individually priced so choose as many or as few as you like, click on an image to enlarge the field of view.


Sofas, Setees, Chaise Longues & More

At Aethereus Events, it's not our our style to simply stick to the norm. Explore our assortment of unique and eclectic vintage lounge seats and pick the ones that best fit your occasion.

We have a range of beautiful sofas, arm chairs and chaise lounges to create a perfect area for your guests to relax -explore our variety of stylish vintage lounge seating and choose the ones that suit your style.


We also stock smaller chairs suitable for events where children are welcome whilst mainting that classic antique aesthetic.


"Want to see our collection in the flesh? You can visit us at our storage base at Chicklade, South West Wiltshire - contact us today."

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